dpm-register man page

DPM-REGISTER(1)           DPM Administrator Commands           DPM-REGISTER(1)

      dpm-register - register external files in DPNS

      [1mdpm-register  --filesize  [4m[22mfilesize[24m  [  [1m--user  [4m[22mowner_user[24m  ]  [ [1m--group[0m
      [4mowner_group[24m ] [ [1m--mode [4m[22mfilemode[24m ] [1m--pfn [4m[22mpfn[24m [1m--server  [4m[22mhostname[24m  [  [1m--st[0m
      [4mstatus[24m ] [ [1m--help [22m] [4mfilename[0m

      [1mdpm-register  [22mregisters a given filename with the specified permissions
      into DPNS:
         - create the file metadata entry in DPNS (dpns_creat)
         - set the ownership (dpns_chown) to  [4mowner_user[24m  :  [4mowner_group[24m  (by
      default the requester's DN and group)
         - set the filemode (dpns_chmod) to [4mfilemode[0m
         - set the size of the file (dpns_setfsize) to [4mfilesize[0m
         - add the replica entry (dpns_addreplicax) setting
           * sfn = [4mpfn[0m
           * status to [4mstatus[24m ('O' for Online, 'N' for Nearline)
           * f_type = 'P' (Permanent)
           * r_type = 'P' (Primary)

           dpm-register --filesize 525424 --server `hostname --fqdn`                  --group biomed --pfn dicom:///1/2/3                  /dpm/cern.ch/home/biomed/mdm/1/2/3

      This  program  returns  0  if the operation was successful or >0 if the
      operation failed.

[1mSEE ALSO[0m
      [1mdpns_creat(3)[22m,    [1mdpns_chown(3)[22m,    [1mdpns_chmod(3)[22m,    [1mdpns_setfsize(3)[22m,

LCG                      $Date: 2008/01/07 10:38:38 $          DPM-REGISTER(1)