dpm-qryconf man page

DPM-QRYCONF(1)            DPM Administrator Commands            DPM-QRYCONF(1)

      dpm-qryconf - display the Disk Pool Manager configuration

      [1mdpm-qryconf [22m[ [1m--groups [22m] [ [1m--help [22m] [ [1m--proto [22m] [ [1m--si [22m] [ [1m--weight [22m]

      [1mdpm-qryconf  [22mdisplays  the  Disk  Pool Manager configuration.  For each
      pool, it displays two lines. The first one gives  the  pool  name,  the
      default  amount  of  space reserved for a file, the threshold (in %) at
      which the garbage collector is started and stopped, the  default  life-
      time, the default pin time, the maximum lifetime, the maximum pin time,
      the "File System Selection" policy name, the "Garbage Collection"  pol-
      icy name, the "Request Selection" policy name, the group id if the pool
      is restricted or 0, the space type: [1mV [22m(for Volatile), [1mD [22m(for  Durable),
      [1mP  [22m(for Permanent) or [1m- [22m(for any type), the "Migration Policy" name and
      the retention policy: [1mR [22m(for Replica), [1mO [22m(for Output) or [1mC [22m(for  Custo-
      dial).  All time values are either "Inf" (for infinite) or expressed in
      years, months, days, hours or seconds.

      The second one gives the capacity of the disk pool and  the  amount  of
      free space.

      After  each pool description, the filesystems belonging to the pool are
      listed giving the server name, the filesystem name, the  capacity,  the
      amount of free space and the status.

             list group names instead of gids.

             list also the supported access protocols.

      [1m--si   [22muse powers of 1000 not 1024 for sizes.

             list weight associated with each filesystem.

      setenv DPM_HOST dpmhost


      POOL Volatile DEFSIZE 100.00M GC_START_THRESH 0 GC_STOP_THRESH 0             DEF_LIFETIME 7.0d DEFPINTIME 2.0h             MAX_LIFETIME 1.0m MAXPINTIME 12.0h             FSS_POLICY maxfreespace GC_POLICY lru RS_POLICY fifo GIDS 0 S_TYPE -             MIG_POLICY none RET_POLICY R
                                    CAPACITY 3.85G FREE 3.43G ( 89.1%)
        lxb0722.cern.ch /data CAPACITY 3.85G FREE 3.43G ( 89.1%)

      This  program  returns  0  if the operation was successful or >0 if the
      operation failed.

[1mSEE ALSO[0m
      [1mdpm(1)[22m, [1mdpm-addpool(1)[22m, [1mdpm-addfs(1)[0m

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