dpm-listspaces man page

DPM-LISTSPACES(1)         DPM Administrator Commands         DPM-LISTSPACES(1)

      dpm-listspaces - Display Disk Pool Manager pools and space reservations

      [1mdpm-listspaces    [22m[   [1m--pools[4m[22mpoolname,poolname2...[24m    [1m--reservations[4m[22mto-[0m
      [4mken,token2...[24m    [1m--children   --parents    --long    --domain[4m[22mdpm-domain[0m
      [1m--basedir[4m[22mdpns-basedir[24m ]

      [1mdpm-listspaces  [22mDisplay  Disk Pool Manager pools and space reservations
      and their detailed configuration. The most up-to-date documentation can
      be obtained with option --help.

             Display  information  only  about  listed pools or --all for all

             Display information only  about  listed  space  reservations  or
             --all for all reservations.

             Display  information  about  reservations  contained in selected

             Display information about  pools  containing  selected  reserva-

      [1m--long [22mDetailed information (e.g. file systems in pools).

             Name of DPM domain, if not current host domain name.

             Name of DPNS base directory, defaults to "home".

      [1m--help [22mOnline help about options

             Program version and detailed information about this tool

      This  program  returns  0  if the operation was successful or >0 if the
      operation failed.

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