dpm-addfs man page

DPM-ADDFS(1)              DPM Administrator Commands              DPM-ADDFS(1)

      dpm-addfs - add a filesystem to a disk pool

      [1mdpm-addfs  --poolname  [4m[22mpool_name[24m [1m--server [4m[22mfs_server[24m [1m--fs [4m[22mfs_name[24m [ [1m--st[0m
      [4mstatus[24m ] [ [1m--weight [4m[22mweight[24m ] [ [1m--help [22m]

      [1mdpm-addfs [22madds a filesystem to a disk pool.

      This command requires ADMIN privilege.

             specifies the disk  pool  name  previously  defined  using  [1mdpm-[0m

      [4mserver[24m specifies the host name of the disk server where this filesystem
             is mounted.

      [4mfs[24m     specifies the mount point of the dedicated filesystem.

      [4mstatus[24m Initial status of this filesystem. It can be set to  0  or  [1mDIS-[0m
             [1mABLED  [22mor [1mRDONLY[22m.  This can be either alphanumeric or the corre-
             sponding numeric value.

      [4mweight[24m specifies the weight of the filesystem. This is used during  the
             filesystem  selection. The value must be positive.  It is recom-
             mended to use a value lower than 10. Default is 1.

           dpm-addfs --poolname Volatile --server sehost --fs /data

      This program returns 0 if the operation was successful  or  >0  if  the
      operation failed.

[1mSEE ALSO[0m
      [1mdpm(1)[22m, [1mdpm_addfs(3)[22m, [1mdpm-addpool(1)[0m

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