dovecot-sysreport - Man Page

Dovecot's system report utility


dovecot-sysreport [-h|--help] [-c|--core [binary] core [...]] [-d|--destination dest] [-k|--keeptemp]


dovecot-sysreport is a utility that should be used to gather information from the current system to be reported for dovecot bug fixes. It will collect dovecot's ps output, service status, process status, uptime command's output, error log, stats dump and if given, a core file along with its binary dependencies.



Prints a help message.

-c|--config root_config_file

Sets the root file of the dovecot's configuration. If not set, it will be assumed to be in the default configuration path.

-o|--core [binary] core [...]]

Includes core files along with their dependencies extracted from the specified binary file.

-d|--destination dest

Sets the file location which the report archive should be put to. The default  value is dovecot-sysreport-<hostname>-<current_timestamp>.tar.gz in the current path.


If set, temp files would not be deleted at the end.


2020-01-21 Dovecot v2.3