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dotnet-tool-restore - Man Page

Installs the .NET local tools that are in scope for the current directory.

dotnet tool restore

This article applies to: āœ”ļø .NET Core 3.1 SDK and later versions


dotnet tool restore
    [--configfile <FILE>] [--add-source <SOURCE>]
    [--tool-manifest <PATH_TO_MANIFEST_FILE>] [--disable-parallel]
    [--ignore-failed-sources] [--no-cache] [--interactive]
    [-v|--verbosity <LEVEL>]

dotnet tool restore -h|--help


The dotnet tool restore command finds the tool manifest file that is in scope for the current directory and installs the tools that are listed in it. For information about manifest files, see Install a local tool and Invoke a local tool.

For information about where local tools are stored, see dotnet tool install.



  • dotnet tool restore

    Restores local tools for the current directory.

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