dotnet-sdk-check - Man Page

Lists the latest available version of the .NET SDK and .NET Runtime, for each feature band.

dotnet sdk check

This article applies to: ✔️ .NET 6 and later versions


dotnet sdk check

dotnet sdk check -h|--help


The dotnet sdk check command makes it easier to track when new versions of the SDK and Runtimes are available. Within each feature band it tells you:

Here’s an example of output from the command:

Version                         Status
2.1.816                         Up to date.
2.2.401                         .NET 2.2 is out of support.
3.1.410                         Up to date.
5.0.204                         Up to date.
5.0.301                         Up to date.

.NET Runtimes:
Name                              Version                       Status
Microsoft.AspNetCore.All          2.1.28                        Up to date.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.App          2.1.28                        Up to date.
Microsoft.NETCore.App             2.1.28                        Up to date.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.All          2.2.6                         .NET 2.2 is out of support.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.App          2.2.6                         .NET 2.2 is out of support.
Microsoft.NETCore.App             2.2.6                         .NET 2.2 is out of support.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.App          3.1.16                        Up to date.
Microsoft.NETCore.App             3.1.16                        Up to date.
Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App      3.1.16                        Up to date.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.App          5.0.7                         Up to date.
Microsoft.NETCore.App             5.0.7                         Up to date.
Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App      5.0.7                         Up to date.




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