dotnet-new-uninstall - Man Page

uninstalls a template package.

dotnet new –uninstall option

This article applies to: ✔️ .NET Core 2.0 SDK and later versions


dotnet new --uninstall <PATH|NUGET_ID>


The dotnet new --uninstall command uninstalls a template package at the PATH or NUGET_ID provided. When the <PATH|NUGET_ID> value isn’t specified, all currently installed template packages and their associated templates are displayed. When specifying NUGET_ID, don’t include the version number. If you don’t specify a parameter to this option, the command lists the installed templates and details about them. > [!NOTE] > To uninstall a template using a PATH, you need to fully qualify the path. For example, C:/Users/<USER>/Documents/Templates/GarciaSoftware.ConsoleTemplate.CSharp will work, but ./GarciaSoftware.ConsoleTemplate.CSharp from the containing folder will not. > Don’t include a final terminating directory slash on your template path.


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