dotnet-new-list - Man Page

Lists available templates to be run using dotnet-new.

dotnet new list

This article applies to: ✔️ .NET Core 3.1 SDK and later versions


dotnet new list [<TEMPLATE_NAME>] [--author <AUTHOR>] [-lang|--language {"C#"|"F#"|VB}]
    [--tag <TAG>] [--type <TYPE>] [--columns <COLUMNS>] [--columns-all]
    [-o|--output <output>] [--project <project>] [--ignore-constraints]
    [-d|--diagnostics] [--verbosity <LEVEL>] [-h|--help]


The dotnet new list command lists available templates to use with dotnet new. If the is specified, lists templates containing the specified name. This option lists only default and installed templates. To find templates in NuGet that you can install locally, use the search command.

Starting with .NET SDK 7.0.100, the list command might not show all the templates installed on the machine. It takes the result of template constraints into account, and the templates that can’t be used won’t be shown. To force show all the templates, use the --ignore-constraints option.

Starting with the .NET 7 SDK, the dotnet new syntax has changed:

Other options that were available before are still available to use with their respective subcommands. Separate help for each subcommand is available via the -h or --help option: dotnet new <subcommand> --help lists all supported options for the subcommand.

Additionally, tab completion is now available for dotnet new. It supports completion for installed template names and for the options a selected template provides. To activate tab completion for the .NET SDK, see Enable tab completion. > > Examples of the old syntax: > > - List all Single Page Application (SPA) templates: > - since .NET SDK 6.0.100 > > dotnetcli >   dotnet new --list spa > > > - before .NET SDK 6.0.100 > > dotnetcli >   dotnet new spa --list >




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