dotnet-new-install - Man Page

installs a template package.

dotnet new –install option

This article applies to: ✔️ .NET Core 2.0 SDK and later versions


dotnet new --install <PATH|NUGET_ID>  [--interactive] [--nuget-source <SOURCE>]


The dotnet new --install command installs a template package from the PATH or NUGET_ID provided. If you want to install a prerelease version of a template package, specify the version in the format <package-name>::<package-version>. By default, dotnet new passes * for the version, which represents the latest stable package version. For more information, see the Examples section.

If a version of the template was already installed when you run this command, the template will be updated to the specified version, or to the latest stable version if no version was specified. For information on creating custom templates, see Custom templates for dotnet new.



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