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dotnet-new-install - Man Page

installs a template package.

dotnet new install

This article applies to: ✔️ .NET Core 3.1 SDK and later versions


dotnet new install <PATH|NUGET_ID>  [--interactive] [--add-source|--nuget-source <SOURCE>] [--force] 
    [-d|--diagnostics] [--verbosity <LEVEL>] [-h|--help]


The dotnet new install command installs a template package from the PATH or NUGET_ID provided. If you want to install a specific version or prerelease version of a template package, specify the version in the format <package-name>::<package-version>. By default, dotnet new passes * for the version, which represents the latest stable package version. For more information, see the Examples section.

If a version of the template package was already installed when you run this command, the template package will be updated to the specified version. If no version is specified, the package is updated to the latest stable version. Starting with .NET SDK 6.0.100, if the argument specifies the version, and that version of the NuGet package is already installed, it won’t be reinstalled. If the argument is a PATH and it’s already installed, it won’t be reinstalled.

Prior to .NET SDK 6.0.100, template packages were managed individually for each .NET SDK version, including patch versions. For example, if you install the template package using dotnet new --install in .NET SDK 5.0.100, it will be installed only for .NET SDK 5.0.100. Templates from the package won’t be available in other .NET SDK versions installed on your machine.

Starting with .NET SDK 6.0.100, installed template packages are available in later .NET SDK versions installed on your machine. A template package installed in .NET SDK 6.0.100 will also be available in .NET SDK 6.0.101, .NET SDK 6.0.200, and so on. However, these template packages won’t be available in .NET SDK versions prior to .NET SDK 6.0.100. To use a template package installed in .NET SDK 6.0.100 or later in earlier .NET SDK versions, you need to install it using dotnet new install in that .NET SDK version.

Starting with the .NET 7 SDK, the dotnet new syntax has changed:

Other options that were available before are still available to use with their respective subcommands. Separate help for each subcommand is available via the -h or --help option: dotnet new <subcommand> --help lists all supported options for the subcommand.

Additionally, tab completion is now available for dotnet new. It supports completion for installed template names and for the options a selected template provides. To activate tab completion for the .NET SDK, see Enable tab completion. > > Examples of old syntax: > > - Install the latest version of Azure web jobs project template package: > > dotnetcli >   dotnet new --install Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.ProjectTemplates >




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