docker-tag man page

docker-tag — Tag an image into a repository


docker tag [--help] NAME[:TAG] NAME[:TAG]


Assigns a new alias to an image in a registry. An alias refers to the entire image name including the optional TAG after the ':'.


Print usage statement.

The image name which is made up of slash-separated name components,
optionally prefixed by a registry hostname. The hostname must comply with
standard DNS rules, but may not contain underscores. If a hostname is
present, it may optionally be followed by a port number in the format
:8080. If not present, the command uses Docker's public registry located at
registry-1.docker.io by default. Name components may contain lowercase
characters, digits and separators. A separator is defined as a period, one or
two underscores, or one or more dashes. A name component may not start or end
with a separator.

The tag assigned to the image to version and distinguish images with the same
name. The tag name may contain lowercase and uppercase characters, digits,
underscores, periods and dashes. A tag name may not start with a period or a
dash and may contain a maximum of 128 characters.

Tagging an image referenced by ID

To tag a local image with ID "0e5574283393" into the "fedora" repository with "version1.0":

docker tag 0e5574283393 fedora/httpd:version1.0

Tagging an image referenced by Name

To tag a local image with name "httpd" into the "fedora" repository with "version1.0":

docker tag httpd fedora/httpd:version1.0

Note that since the tag name is not specified, the alias is created for an existing local version httpd:latest.

Tagging an image referenced by Name and Tag

To tag a local image with name "httpd" and tag "test" into the "fedora" repository with "version1.0.test":

docker tag httpd:test fedora/httpd:version1.0.test

Tagging an image for a private repository

To push an image to a private registry and not the central Docker registry you must tag it with the registry hostname and port (if needed).

docker tag 0e5574283393 myregistryhost:5000/fedora/httpd:version1.0


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