docker-swarm-init - Man Page

Initialize a swarm


docker swarm init [Options]


Initialize a swarm



Advertised address (format: <ip|interface>[:port])


Enable manager autolocking (requiring an unlock key to start a stopped manager)


Availability of the node ("active"|"pause"|"drain")


Validity period for node certificates (ns|us|ms|s|m|h)


Address or interface to use for data path traffic (format: <ip|interface>)


Port number to use for data path traffic (1024 - 49151). If no value is set or is set to 0, the default port (4789) is used.


default address pool in CIDR format


default address pool subnet mask length


Dispatcher heartbeat period (ns|us|ms|s|m|h)


Specifications of one or more certificate signing endpoints


Force create a new cluster from current state

-h, ā€‰--help[=false]

help for init


Listen address (format: <ip|interface>[:port])


Number of additional Raft snapshots to retain


Number of log entries between Raft snapshots


Task history retention limit

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