docker-search man page

docker-search — Search the Docker Hub for images


docker search [-f|--filter[=[]]] [--help] [--limit[=LIMIT]] [--no-index] [--no-trunc] TERM


Search Docker Hub for images that match the specified TERM. The table of images returned displays the name, description (truncated by default), number of stars awarded, whether the image is official, and whether it is automated.

Note - Search queries will only return up to 25 results


-f, --filter=[]

  Filter output based on these conditions:
  - stars=<numberOfStar>
  - is-automated=(true|false)
  - is-official=(true|false)

Print usage statement


Do not include index name in output. Sort results primarily by registry


Maximum returned search results. The default is 25.


Don't truncate output. The default is false.


Search Docker Hub for ranked images

Search a registry for the term 'fedora' and only display those images ranked 3 or higher:

$ docker search --filter=starts=3 fedora
INDEX      NAME                            DESCRIPTION                                    STARS OFFICIAL  AUTOMATED         A basic Fedora image corresponding roughly...  50                (Semi) Official Fedora base image.             38   A small Fedora image on which to build. Co...  8      A WildFly application server running on a ...  3               [OK]

Search Docker Hub for automated images

Search Docker Hub for the term 'fedora' and only display automated images ranked 1 or higher:

$ docker search --filter=is-automated=true --filter=starts=1 fedora
INDEX      NAME                         DESCRIPTION                                     STARS OFFICIAL  AUTOMATED   A WildFly application server running on a ...   3               [OK]    Fedora 20 image with SSH access. For the r...   1               [OK]


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