docker-logout man page

docker-logout — Log out from a Docker registry.


docker logout [SERVER]


Log out of a Docker Registry located on the specified SERVER. You can specify a URL or a hostname for the SERVER value. If you do not specify a SERVER, the command attempts to log you out of Docker's public registry located at by default.


There are no available options.


Log out from a registry on your localhost

# docker logout localhost:8080

See also

docker-login(1) to log in to a Docker registry server.


June 2014, Originally compiled by Daniel, Dao Quang Minh (daniel at nitrous dot io) July 2014, updated by Sven Dowideit  ⟨⟩ April 2015, updated by Mary Anthony for v2  ⟨⟩

Referenced By

docker(1), docker-login(1).

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