docker-engine-activate - Man Page

Activate Enterprise Edition


docker engine activate [Options]


Activate Enterprise Edition.

With this command you may apply an existing Docker enterprise license, or interactively download one from Docker. In the interactive exchange, you can sign up for a new trial, or download an existing license. If you are currently running a Community Edition engine, the daemon will be updated to the Enterprise Edition Docker engine with additional capabilities and long term support.

For more information about different Docker Enterprise license types visit

For non-interactive scriptable deployments, download your license from⟩ then specify the file with the '--license' flag.



override default location of containerd endpoint


only display license information and exit


Specify engine image


Pretty-print licenses using a Go template

-h,  --help[=false]

help for activate


License File


Only display available licenses by ID


Override the default location where engine images are pulled


Specify engine version (default is to use currently running version)

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