docker-context-update - Man Page

Update a context


docker context update [Options] CONTEXT


Update a context

Docker endpoint config:

NAME                DESCRIPTION from                Copy named context's Docker endpoint configuration host                Docker endpoint on which to connect ca                  Trust certs signed only by this CA cert                Path to TLS certificate file key                 Path to TLS key file skip-tls-verify     Skip TLS certificate validation

Kubernetes endpoint config:

NAME                 DESCRIPTION from                 Copy named context's Kubernetes endpoint configuration config-file          Path to a Kubernetes config file context-override     Overrides the context set in the kubernetes config file namespace-override   Overrides the namespace set in the kubernetes config file


$ docker context update my-context --description "some description" --docker "host=tcp://myserver:2376,ca= /ca-file,cert= /cert-file,key= /key-file"



Default orchestrator for stack operations to use with this context (swarm|kubernetes|all)


Description of the context


set the docker endpoint

-h,  --help[=false]

help for update


set the kubernetes endpoint

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