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convert DocBook Booksto Texinfo documents



nsgmls [ sgml document ]| sgmlspl [ basename ]


docbook2texi is a sgmlspl spec file that produces GNU Texinfo documents from DocBook documents.  

The program reads ESIS produced by nsgmls (or other SGML parsers) from standard input.  Currently the document element must be Book, otherwise the results are undefined.

Its output, the converted Texinfo document, is written to standard output.

The file basename.refs will also be created, which contains all the nodes in the document and their immediate 'child' nodes.  As node processing always require forward references, docbook2texi must be run twice for each document: the first time to build the references, and the second to actually generate a valid document.


The SGMLSpm package from CPAN.  This package includes the sgmlspl script that is also needed.


Trying docbook2man on non-DocBook or non-conformant SGML results in undefined behavior. :-)

This program is a slow, dodgy Perl script.

This program does not come close to supporting all the possible markup in DocBook, and may produce wrong output in some cases with supported markup.

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11 February 2004