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convert DocBook RefEntries to man pages



nsgmls [ sgml document ]| sgmlspl


docbook2man is a sgmlspl spec file that produced man pages (using the -man macros) from DocBook RefEntry markup.

The program reads ESIS produced by nsgmls (or other SGML parsers) from standard input.  Markup not found in RefEntry is discarded.

Its output, the converted man pages, are written to the current directory.  If RefMeta information is not specified in a RefEntry, then the man page will be written to standard output.

The file manpage.links will also be created, which contains any aliases of the manpages generated.  This file is in the format:

<man page> <alias

The manpage.refs file keeps track of XRef references.  Note that if the input document has any forward references, then docbook2man may have to be invoked twice (the first time updating manpage.refs) to resolve them.


The SGMLSpm package from CPAN.  This package includes the sgmlspl script that is also needed.


Trying docbook2man on non-DocBook or non-conformant SGML results in undefined behavior. :-)

This program is a slow, dodgy Perl script.

This program does not come close to supporting all the possible markup in DocBook, and may produce wrong output in some cases with supported markup.

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11 February 2004