dnsyo man page

dnsyo ā€” manual page for dnsyo 2.0.7


usage: dnsyo [options] domain [type]

Query lots of DNS servers and colate the results

positional arguments


Domain to query


Record type (A, CNAME, MX, etc.)

optional arguments

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--resolverlist RESOLVERLIST

Location of the yaml resolvers list to download (http/https)

--resolverfile RESOLVERFILE

Location of the local yaml resolvers file

--verbose, -v

Extended debug info

--simple, -s

Simple output mode (good for UNIX parsing)

--extended, -x

Extended output mode including server addresses

--threads THREADS, -t THREADS

Number of worker threads to use

--servers SERVERS, -q SERVERS

Maximum number of servers to query (or ALL)

--country COUNTRY, -c COUNTRY

Query servers by two letter country code


Check the list for working servers

--updateSummary UPDATESUMMARY

Location for the summary status of the update

--updateDestination UPDATEDESTINATION

Destination resolver list for update


Referenced By

The man page python3-dnsyo(1) is an alias of dnsyo(1).

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