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dnf-repo - Man Page

manual page for dnf-repo 0.6.1


dnf-repo [--version] [-n|--dryrun] [-q|--quiet] [-D|--debug] [-l|--list]


DNF wrapper repo tool

[-s|--save] [--dnf4] [(-w|--weak-deps) | (-W|--no-weak-deps)] [--exact] [(-d|--disable REPOPAT) | (-e|--enable REPOPAT) |

(-o|--only REPOPAT) | (-x|--expire REPOPAT) | (-X|--clear-expires) | (-E|--delete-repofile REPOPAT) | (-t|--enable-testing) | (-T|--disable-testing) | (-m|--enable-modular) | (-M|--disable-modular) | --enable-debuginfo | --disable-debuginfo | --enable-source | --disable-source | (-c|--add-copr [SERVER/]COPR/PROJECT|URL) [--osname OSNAME] [--releasever RELEASEVER] | (-k|--add-koji REPO) | (-r|--add-repofile REPOFILEURL) [--releasever RELEASEVER] | (-u|--repourl URL)] [DNFARGS]

see https://github.com/juhp/dnf-repo#readme

Available options


Show this help text


Show version


Dry run


Suppress necessary output


Debug output


List all repos


Save the repo enable/disable state


Use dnf4 (if dnf5 available)


Use weak dependencies


Disable weak dependencies


Match repo names exactly

-d,--disable REPOPAT

Disable repos

-e,--enable REPOPAT

Enable repos

-o,--only REPOPAT

Only use matching repos

-x,--expire REPOPAT

Expire repo cache


Undo cache expirations

-E,--delete-repofile REPOPAT

Remove unwanted .repo file


Enable testing repos


Disable testing repos


Enable modular repos


Disable modular repos


Enable debuginfo repos


Disable debuginfo repos


Enable source repos


Disable source repos


Install copr repo file (defaults to fedora server)

--osname OSNAME

Specify OS Name to override (eg epel)

--releasever RELEASEVER

Specify OS Release Version to override (eg rawhide)

-k,--add-koji REPO

Create repo file for a Fedora koji repo (f40-build, rawhide, epel9-build, etc)

-r,--add-repofile REPOFILEURL

Install repo file

--releasever RELEASEVER

Specify OS Release Version to override (eg rawhide)

-u,--repourl URL

Use temporary repo from a baseurl


June 2024 dnf-repo 0.6.1