dmtcp_coordinator man page

dmtcp_coordinater -- coordinates checkpoints between multiple processes.


dmtcp_coordinater [Options]


dmtcp_coordinator coordinates checkpoints between multiple processes.


--coord-port port (environment variable DMTCP_COORD_PORT)
Port to listen on (default: 7779)
--port-file filename
File to write listener port number. (Useful with --coord-port 0, which is used to assign a random port)
--ckptdir path (environment variable DMTCP_CHECKPOINT_DIR)
Directory to store (default: ./)
--tmpdir path (environment variable DMTCP_TMPDIR)
Directory to store temporary files (default: env var TMDPIR or /tmp)
Exit automatically when last client disconnects
Exit automatically after checkpoint is created
Run silently in the background after detaching from the parent process.
--interval <val> (environment variable DMTCP_CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL)
Time in seconds between automatic checkpoints (default: 0, disabled)
-q, --quiet
Skip copyright notice.
Print this message and exit.
Print version information and exit.

Commands for Coordinator

l: List connected nodes
s: Print status message
c: Checkpoint all nodes
i: Print current checkpoint interval
(To change checkpoint interval, use dmtcp_command)
k: Kill all nodes
q: Kill all nodes and quit
?: Show this message

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to:
DMTCP home page: <>

See Also

dmtcp(1), dmtcp_coordinator(1), dmtcp_launch(1), dmtcp_restart(1), dmtcp_command(1)


See /usr/share/doc/dmtcp-2.4.0-rc4/AUTHORS.


DMTCP version 2.4.0-rc4 of March 2014.

Referenced By

dmtcp_command(1), dmtcp_launch(1), dmtcp_restart(1).

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