dmtcp_command man page

dmtcp_command -- send a command to the DMTCP coordinator remotely.


dmtcp_commmand [Options] command [command...]


dmtcp_command is a tool to send user commands to the  DMTCP coordinator remotely.


-h, --coord-host hostname (environment variable DMTCP_COORD_HOST)

Hostname where dmtcp_coordinator is run (default: localhost)

-p, --port port (environment variable DMTCP_PORT)

Port where dmtcp_coordinator is run (default: 7779)


Skip copyright notice


Print this message and exit.


Print version information and exit.

Commands for Coordinator

-s --status

Print status message

-c, --checkpoint

Checkpoint all nodes

-bc, --bcheckpoint

Checkpoint all nodes, blocking until done

-i, --interval <val>

Update ckpt interval to <val> seconds (0=never)

-k, --kill

Kill all nodes

-q, --quit

Kill all nodes and quit

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to:
DMTCP home page: <>

See Also

dmtcp(1), dmtcp_coordinator(1), dmtcp_launch(1), dmtcp_restart(1), dmtcp_command(1)


See /usr/share/doc/dmtcp-2.5.2/AUTHORS.


DMTCP version 2.5.2 of November, 2017.

Referenced By

dmtcp_coordinator(1), dmtcp_launch(1), dmtcp_restart(1).

November, 2017 Distributed MultiThreaded CheckPointing