dmapd - Man Page

A server that provides DAAP and DPAP shares


dmapd [options]


The dmapd project provides a GObject-based, Open Source implementation  of DMAP sharing with the following features:

o Support for both DAAP and DPAP

o Support for realtime transcoding of media formats not natively
supported by clients

o Support for many metadata formats, such as those associated with Ogg
Vorbis and MP3 (e.g., ID3)

o Detection of video streams so that clients may play them as video

o Use of GStreamer to support a wide range of audio and video CODECs

o Caching of photograph thumbnails to avoid regenerating them each time
the server restarts

Dmapd runs on Linux and other POSIX operating systems. It has been used on OpenWrt Linux-based systems with as little as 32MB of memory to serve music, video, and photograph libraries containing thousands of files.


Dmapd supports the following command line options:

-?,  --help

Show help options

-f,  --foreground

Do not fork; remain in foreground

-n,  --name

Name of media shares

-m,  --music-dir

Music directory

-p,  --picture-dir

Picture directory

-M,  --music-format

Acceptable music format

-P,  --picture-format

Acceptable picture format

-l,  --lockpath

Path to lockfile

-i,  --pidpath

Path to PID file

-d,  --db-dir

Media database directory

-u,  --user

User to run as

-g,  --group

Group to run as

-t,  --transcode-mime-type

Target MIME type for transcoding

-r,  --rt-transcode

Perform transcoding in real-time

-w,  --max-thumbnail-width

Maximum thumbnail size (may reduce memory use)

-c,  --directory-containers

Serve DMAP containers based on filesystem heirarchy

Dmapd supports the following environment variables:


Enable verbose debugging messages


Path to an alternate configuration file


Directory containing dmapd modules


Name of an alternate AV module


Name of an alternate AV render module; when applicable may also specify a host, e.g.: DMAPD_AV_RENDER_MODULE=gst:host=


Name of an alternate photograph module


Name of an alternate database module

Dmapd can provide content to any client that supports DAAP or DPAP. This includes the following software clients and hardware devices:

o Apple iTunes

o Apple iPhoto

o Rhythmbox

o Roku SoundBridge

Dmapd can read metadata from any music file supported by GStreamer. In order to use this feature you must have the appropriate GStreamer plugins installed. The following plugins are always required if you wish to use this feature:

o app

o decodebin

o typefindfunctions

The following GStreamer plugins are required for the corresponding media types:

o mad (MP3)

o id3demux (MP3)

o ogg (Ogg Vorbis, etc.)

o vorbis (Ogg Vorbis)

o flac (FLAC)

o mpeg2dec (MPEG video)

o theora (Ogg Theora video)


W. Michael Petullo <>