dlt-system - Man Page

DLT system logging process


dlt-system [-h] [-d] [-c filename]


The DLT system logging process is the central application, which logs system information from the platform. It provides the features filetransfer, syslog adapater, logging of any kind of files and procfilesystem logger. The individual features can be enabled and disabled in the configuration file.

dlt-system loads by default the configuration file /etc/dlt-system.conf.



Display a short help text.


Daemonize, needed in System V init systems.


Load an alternative configuration file. By default the configuration file /etc/dlt.conf is loaded.


Start DLT system with custom configuration: dlt-system -c ~/my-configuration.cfg

Exit Status

Non zero is returned in case of failure.


Alexander Wenzel (alexander.aw.wenzel (at) bmw (dot) de)


See Github issue: <https://github.com/GENIVI/dlt-daemon/issues>

See Also

dlt-system.conf(5), dlt-daemon(1)

Referenced By

dlt.conf(5), dlt-daemon(1), dlt-system.conf(5).