dlt-adaptor-udp - Man Page

Forward received UDP messages to DLT Daemon


dlt-adaptor-udp [-a apid] [-c ctid] [-p] [-h]


This is a small external program for forwarding received UDP messages to DLT Daemon.

This also can be used for e.g. sending syslog messages to the DLT daemon. Therefore a syslog daemon called syslog-ng is necessary. This syslog daemon must be configured to send the syslog messages to a specific UDP port. For configuration of this syslog daemon, see the documentation for syslog-ng. This tools is already integrated into dlt-system.



Set application ID to apid (default: UDPA)


Set context ID tp ctid (default: UDPC)


Set receive port number for UDP messages (default: 47111)


Show help

Exit Status

Non zero is returned in case of failure.


Saya Sugiura (ssugiura (at) jp.adit-jv (dot) com)


See Github issue: <https://github.com/GENIVI/dlt-daemon/issues>

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