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dl-fedora - Man Page

manual page for dl-fedora 1.1


dl-fedora [--version] [-g|--gpg-keys] [--no-checksum | --checksum]


Fedora iso downloader

[--debug] [-T|--no-http-timeout] [(-c|--check) | (-l|--local) | (-R|--replace)] [-n|--dry-run] [-r|--run] [(-L|--latest) | (-d|--dl) | (-k|--koji) | (-m|--mirror URL)] [--dvd] [--cs-devel | --cs-test] [-a|--arch ARCH] RELEASE [EDITION]

Tool for downloading Fedora iso file images. RELEASE = release number, respin, rawhide, test (Beta), stage (RC), eln, c9s, c10s EDITION = {cloud,container,everything,server,workstation,budgie,cinnamon,i3,

kde,lxde,lxqt,mate,soas,sway,xfce,silverblue,kinoite,onyx,sericea, iot} [default: workstation]

See <https://github.com/juhp/dl-fedora/#readme>

Available options


Show this help text


Show version


Import Fedora GPG keys for verifying checksum file


Do not check checksum


Do checksum even if already downloaded


Debug output


Do not timeout for http response


Check if newer image available


Show current local image


Delete previous snapshot image after downloading latest one


Don't actually download anything


Boot image in QEMU


Get latest image either from mirror or dl.fp.o if newer


Use dl.fedoraproject.org (dl.fp.o)


Use koji.fedoraproject.org

-m,--mirror URL

Mirror url for /pub [default https://download.fedoraproject.org/pub]


Download dvd iso instead of boot netinst (for Server, eln, centos)


Use centos-stream development compose


Use centos-stream test compose (default is production)

-a,--arch ARCH

Specify arch [default: x86_64]


May 2024 dl-fedora 1.1