distrobox-init - Man Page



Init the distrobox (not to be launched manually)

distrobox-init is the entrypoint of a created distrobox. Note that this HAS to run from inside a distrobox, will not work if you run it from your host.

This is not intended to be used manually, but instead used by distrobox-enter to set up the container´s entrypoint.

distrobox-init will take care of installing missing dependencies (eg. sudo), set up the user and groups, mount directories from the host to ensure the tight integration.


distrobox-init --name test-user --user 1000 --group 1000 --home /home/test-user


--name/-n:user name
--user/-u:uid of the user
--group/-g:gid of the user
--home/-d:path/to/home of the user
--help/-h:show this message
--verbose/-v:show more verbosity
--version/-V:show version

This is used as entrypoint for the created container, it will take care of creating the users, setting up sudo, mountpoints, and exports.

You should not have to launch this manually, this is used by distrobox create to set up container´s entrypoint.


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