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distrobox-init - Man Page


Init the distrobox (not to be launched manually)

distrobox-init is the entrypoint of a created distrobox. Note that this HAS to run from inside a distrobox, will not work if you run it from your host.

This is not intended to be used manually, but instead used by distrobox-create to set up the container’s entrypoint.

distrobox-init will take care of installing missing dependencies (eg. sudo), set up the user and groups, mount directories from the host to ensure the tight integration.



--name/-n:      user name
--user/-u:      uid of the user
--group/-g:     gid of the user
--home/-d:      path/to/home of the user
--help/-h:      show this message
--additional-packages:  packages to install in addition
--init/-I:      whether to use or not init
--pre-init-hooks:   commands to execute prior to init
--nvidia:       try to integrate host's nVidia drivers in the guest
--upgrade/-U:       run init in upgrade mode
--verbose/-v:       show more verbosity
--version/-V:       show version
--:         end arguments execute the rest as command to execute during init


distrobox-init --name test-user --user 1000 --group 1000 --home /home/test-user
distrobox-init --upgrade


May 2024 Distrobox User Manual