distrobox-host-exec - Man Page

Examples (TL;DR)


distrobox-host-exec lets one execute command on the host, while inside of a container.

Under the hood, distrobox-host-exec uses host-spawn a project that lets us execute commands back on the host. If the tool is not found the user will be prompted to install it.


Just pass to “distrobox-host-exec” any command and all its arguments, if any.

--help/-h:      show this message
--verbose/-v:       show more verbosity
--version/-V:       show version
--yes/-Y:       Automatically answer yes to prompt:
                            host-spawn will be installed on the guest system
                            if host-spawn is not detected.
                            This behaviour is default when running in a non-interactive shell.

If no command is provided, it will execute “$SHELL”.

Alternatively, use symlinks to make distrobox-host-exec execute as that command:

~$: ln -s /usr/bin/distrobox-host-exec /usr/local/bin/podman
~$: ls -l /usr/local/bin/podman
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 51 Jul 11 19:26 /usr/local/bin/podman -> /usr/bin/distrobox-host-exec
~$: podman version
...this is executed on host...


distrobox-host-exec ls
distrobox-host-exec bash -l
distrobox-host-exec flatpak run org.mozilla.firefox
distrobox-host-exec podman ps -a


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