distrobox-ephemeral - Man Page

distrobox ephemeral distrobox-ephemeral


distrobox-ephemeral creates a temporary distrobox that is automatically destroyed when the command is terminated.


distrobox ephemeral

--root/-r:      launch podman/docker/lilipod with root privileges. Note that if you need root this is the preferred
            way over "sudo distrobox" (note: if using a program other than 'sudo' for root privileges is necessary,
            specify it through the DBX_SUDO_PROGRAM env variable, or 'distrobox_sudo_program' config variable)
--verbose/-v:       show more verbosity
--help/-h:      show this message
--/-e:          end arguments execute the rest as command to execute at login   default: default ${USER}'s shell
--version/-V:       show version


distrobox-ephemeral --image alpine:latest -- cat /etc/os-release
distrobox-ephemeral --root --verbose --image alpine:latest --volume /opt:/opt

You can also use flags from distrobox-create to customize the ephemeral container to run.

See Also

distrobox-create --help
man distrobox-create

Environment Variables

distrobox-ephemeral calls distrobox-create, SEE ALSO distrobox-create(1) for
a list of supported environment variables to use.


Mar 2024 Distrobox User Manual