discount-mkd2html - Man Page

markdown to html converter


mkd2html[-css file] [-header string] [-footer string] [file]


mkd2html utility parses a markdown(7)-formatted textfile (or stdin if not specified,) and generates a web page. It reads file or file.text
and writes the result in file.html (where file is the passed argument.)

mkd2html is part of discount.


-css file

Specifies a CSS file.

-header string

Specifies a line to add to the <header> tag.

-footer string

Specifies a line to add before the <body> tag.

Return Values

The mkd2html utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

See Also

markdown(1), markdown(3), markdown(7), mkd-extensions(7).


David Parsons (


January 10, 2010