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digidoc-tool - Man Page

open/create/verify ASiC-E/ASiC-S/BDoc format files


digidoc-tool COMMAND [Options] FILE


Command create:
 Example: digidoc-tool create --file=file1.txt --file=file2.txt demo-container.asice
 Available options:
   --file=        - File(s) to be signed. The option can occur multiple times.
   --mime=        - Specifies the file's mime-type value. When used then must be written right
                    after the "-file" parameter. Default value is application/octet-stream
   --dontsign     - Don't sign the newly created container.
   for additional options look sign command

Command createBatch:
 Example: digidoc-tool createBatch folder/content/to/sign
 Available options:
   for additional options look sign command

Command open:
 Example: digidoc-tool open container-file.asice
 Available options:
   --warnings=(ignore,warning,error) - warning handling (default warning)
   --policy=(POLv1,POLv2) - Signature Validation Policy (default POLv2)
   --extractAll[=path]    - extracts documents without validating signatures (to path when provided)
   --validateOnExtract    - validates container before extracting files
   --offline              - open container offline (eg. Don't send to SiVa)

Command add:
 Example: digidoc-tool add --file=file1.txt container-file.asice
 Available options:
   --file and --mime look create command for info

Command remove:
 Example: digidoc-tool remove --document=0 --document=1 --signature=1 container-file.asice
 Available options:
   --document=    - documents to remove
   --signature=   - signatures to remove

Command websign:
 Example: digidoc-tool websign --cert=signer.crt demo-container.asice
 Available options:
   --cert=        - signer token certificate
   for additional options look sign command

Command sign:
 Example: digidoc-tool sign demo-container.asice
 Available options:
   --profile=     - signature profile, TS, TSA, time-stamp, time-stamp-archive
   --XAdESEN      - use XAdES EN profile
   --city=        - city of production place
   --street=      - streetAddress of production place in XAdES EN profile
   --state=       - state of production place
   --postalCode=  - postalCode of production place
   --country=     - country of production place
   --role=        - option can occur multiple times. Signer role(s)
   --pkcs11[=]    - default is opensc-pkcs11.so. Path of PKCS11 driver.
   --pkcs12=      - pkcs12 signer certificate (use --pin for password)
   --pin=         - default asks pin from prompt
   --sha(224,256,384,512) - set default digest method (default sha256)
   --sigsha(224,256,384,512) - set default digest method (default sha256)
   --sigpsssha(224,256,384,512) - set default digest method using RSA PSS (default sha256, same as --sigsha* with --rsapss)
   --rsapkcs15    - Use RSA PKCS1.5 padding
   --rsapss       - Use RSA PSS padding
   --tsurl        - option to change TS URL (default http://demo.sk.ee/tsa)
   --dontValidate - Don't validate container on signature creation

All commands:
   --nocolor       - Disable terminal colors
   --loglevel=[0,1,2,3,4] - Log level 0 - none, 1 - error, 2 - warning, 3 - info, 4 - debug
   --logfile=      - File to log, empty to console

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