digidoc-tool man page

digidoc-tool — open/create/verify BDoc format files


digidoc-tool COMMAND [Options] FILE


Command create:
Example: digidoc-tool create --file=file1.txt --file=file2.txt demo-container.bdoc
Available options:
--file= - The option can occur multiple times. File(s) to be signed
--mime= - can be after --file parameter. Default value is application/octet-stream
for additional options look sign command

Command open:
Example: digidoc-tool open container-file.bdoc
Available options:
--warnings=(ignore,warning,error) - warning handling
--extractAll - extracts documents (to path when provided)

Command remove:
Example: digidoc-tool remove --document=0 --document=1 --signature=1 container-file.bdoc
Available options:
--document= - documents to remove
--signature= - signatures to remove

Command sign:
Example: digidoc-tool sign demo-container.bdoc
Available options:
--profile= - signature profile, TM, time-mark, TS, time-stamp
--city= - city of production place
--state= - state of production place
--postalCode= - postalCode of production place
--country= - country of production place
--role= - option can occur multiple times. Signer role(s)
--pkcs11[=] - default is /Library/OpenSC/lib/opensc-pkcs11.so. Path of PKCS11 driver.
--pkcs12= - pkcs12 signer certificate (use --pin for password)
--pin= - default asks pin from prompt
--sha(1,224,256,384,512) - set default digest method (default sha256)

See Also

cdigidoc(1), qdigidocclient(1), qesteidutil(1)

Referenced By

cdigidoc(1), qdigidocclient(1), qesteidutil(1).

10.07.2016 digidoc-tool man page