diff-cover man page

diff-cover — manual page for diff-cover 0.9.9


usage: diff-cover [-h] [--html-report FILENAME] [--external-css-file FILENAME]

[--compare-branch BRANCH] [--fail-under SCORE] [--ignore-unstaged] coverage_xml [coverage_xml ...]

Automatically find diff lines that need test coverage.

positional arguments

XML coverage report

optional arguments

-h, --help
show this help message and exit
--html-report FILENAME
Diff coverage HTML output
--external-css-file FILENAME
Write CSS into an external file
--compare-branch BRANCH
Branch to compare
--fail-under SCORE
Returns an error code if coverage or quality score is below this value
Ignores unstaged changes


December 2016 diff-cover 0.9.9 User Commands