dictunformat man page

dictunformat — create a raw database file from a .dict and .index file


dictunformat [Options] index_filename


dictunformat takes a dictionary index file as a parameter and a dictionary database file on stdin and outputs a raw database that may be used to create a DICT database by dictfmt -t. This may be useful if it is desired to create a dictionary for a locale other than that for which the original was created, or if it is desired to correct or supplement a pre-existing dictionary.


displays a usage message and exits.
--headword-separator sep
sep is the headword separator used when creating the origianl dictionary. (See --headword-separator in dictfmt (1)).
is the .index file of the original dictionary.


dictunformat was written by Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>.
This manual page was written by Robert D. Hilliard <hilliard@debian.org>.

See Also

dictd(8), dictfmt(1)

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January 23, 2003 LINUX Linux User's Manual