diceware - Man Page

create passphrases


diceware [OPTION]... [FILE]


diceware generates passphrases by concatenating words randomly picked from wordlists. It supports also real dice for passphrase generation.

It is based on the proposals of Arnold G. Reinhold on http://diceware.com.


positional arguments:


optional input wordlist. '-' will read from stdin. Should contain one word per line.

optional arguments:

-h,  --help

show help message and exit

-n NUM, --num NUM

number of words to concatenate. Default 6

-c,  --caps

Capitalize words. This is the default.


Turn off capitalization.

-s NUM, --specials NUM

Insert NUM special chars into generated word.


Separate words by DELIMITER. Empty string by default.

-r SOURCE, --randomsource SOURCE

Get randomness from this source. Possible values: realdice, system. Default: system

-w NAME, --wordlist NAME

Use words from this wordlist. Possible values: en, en_eff, en_orig, en_securedrop.  Wordlists are stored in the folder displayed below. Default: en_eff

-v,  --verbose

Be verbose. Use several times for increased verbosity.


output version information and exit.

Arguments related to realdice randomsource:

--dice-sides N

Number of sides of dice. Default: 6



Your personal diceware configuration file.

diceware also comes with a set of wordlists. The path where these lists are stored is showed with --help.



Create a passphrase using defaults. Outputs something like "WheelDyeHonkCanvasWitsPuck"

diceware -d "-" -n 3

Create a passphrase with three words, separated by dash ("-"). Results in something like "Wheel-Dye-Honk"

diceware --no-caps

Create a passphrase without capital words. Creates something like "wheel-dye-honk".

diceware -r realdice

Use real dice to create a passphrase. The programm will tell you what to do (roll dice and tell what numbers appear) and in the end present a passphrase.

diceware -r realdice --dice-sides 20

Use real dice, as shown above, but this time use dice with 20 faces, instead of standard, 6-sided dice.

diceware mywordlist.txt

Create a passphrase with words from file "mywordlist.txt". The file should contain one word on each line.

diceware -w en_orig -s 2

Create a passphrase with two special chars spread over the generated passphrase and containing words from wordlist "en_orig". This is one of the wordlists that come included with diceware. Creates something like: "Rutt[FanScoldLouiseT*nyThrob".


Written by Uli Fouquet and contributors


April 2018 diceware 0.9.5.dev0