dhcp_release - Man Page

Release a DHCP lease on a the local dnsmasq DHCP server.


dhcp_release <interface> <address> <MAC address> <client_id>


A utility which forces the DHCP server running on this machine to release a  DHCP lease.

Send a DHCPRELEASE message via the specified interface to tell the local DHCP server to delete a particular lease.

The interface argument is the interface in which a DHCP request _would_ be received if it was coming from the client,  rather than being faked up here.
   The address argument is a dotted-quad IP addresses and mandatory.
   The MAC address is colon separated hex, and is mandatory. It may be  prefixed by an address-type byte followed by -, eg


but if the address-type byte is missing it is assumed to be 1, the type  for ethernet. This encoding is the one used in dnsmasq lease files.

The client-id is optional. If it is "*" then it treated as being missing.


MUST be run as root - will fail otherwise.


Only usable on IPv4 DHCP leases.

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This manual page was written by Simon Kelley <simon@thekelleys.org.uk>.