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dhcp_lease_time - Man Page

Query remaining time of a lease on a the local dnsmasq DHCP server.


dhcp_lease_time <address>


Send a DHCPINFORM message to a dnsmasq server running on the local host and print (to stdout) the time remaining in any lease for the given address. The time is given as string printed to stdout.

If an error occurs or no lease exists for the given address,  nothing is sent to stdout a message is sent to stderr and a non-zero error code is returned.

Requires dnsmasq 2.67 or later and may not work with other DHCP servers.

The address argument is a dotted-quad IP addresses and mandatory.


Only works with IPv4 addresses and DHCP leases.

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This manual page was written by Simon Kelley <simon@thekelleys.org.uk>.