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dh_installtmpfiles - Man Page

install tmpfiles.d configuration files


dh_installtmpfiles [debhelper options][--name=name]


dh_installtmpfiles is a debhelper program that is responsible for installing package maintainer supplied tmpfiles.d configuration files (e.g. for systemd-tmpfiles).

It also finds the tmpfiles.d configuration files installed by a package and generates postinst code blocks for activating the tmpfiles.d configuration when the package is installed. These snippets are added to the maintainer scripts by dh_installdeb(1).



This option controls both a prefix used for lookng up maintainer provided tmpfiles.d configuration files (those mentioned in the "Files" section) and also the base name used for the installed version of the file.



If this exists, it is installed into usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/ in the package build directory. Note that the tmpfiles.d mechanism is currently only used by systemd.


Deprecated name for debian/package.tmpfiles.


This command is not idempotent. dh_prep(1) should be called between invocations of this command (with the same arguments). Otherwise, it may cause multiple instances of the same text to be added to maintainer scripts.

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Referenced By

debhelper(7), dh_installsystemd(1).

2024-01-24 13.11.6 Debhelper