dh_gnome_clean - Man Page

tools for the Debian GNOME Packaging Team


dh_gnome_clean [debhelper options] [--no-control] [--check-dist]


gnome-pkg-tools contains some useful tools for the Debian GNOME Packaging Team.

dh_gnome_clean is a tool designed to provide useful functions to GNOME packages which do use of debhelper as preferred build system, similar to the CDBS routines provided by gnome-pkg-tools.

dh_gnome_clean handles some routines to be run during clean phase.



Use this flag if you do not want to recreate debian/control file on top of debian/control.in, or if you do not provide the latter.


Use this flag if you want to avoid unwanted uploads to unstable.

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This program is a part of gnome-pkg-tools but is made to work with debhelper.


Luca Falavigna <dktrkranz@debian.org>


2010-11-01 gnome-pkg-tools