dg man page

dg — templating system/generator for distributions


dg [-h] [--projectdir PROJECTDIR] [--distro DIST] [--multispec MULTISPEC] [--multispec-selector MULTISPEC_SELECTOR] [--spec SPEC] [--output OUTPUT] [--macros-from PROJECTDIR] [--container CONTAINER_TYPE] [--macro MACRO] [--max-passes PASSES] (--template TEMPLATE | --multispec-combinations)


Generate script using predefined metadata about distribution and

As an example of 'dg' usage, to generate _Dockerfile_ for Fedora
21 64-bit system, you may use command(s):

$ cd project/directory
$ dg --spec      docker-data.yaml      \
     --template  docker.tpl            \
     --distro    fedora-21-x86_64.yaml


--projectdir PROJECTDIR

Directory with project (defaults to CWD)

--distro DIST

Use distribution metadata specified by DIST yaml file

--multispec MULTISPEC

Use MULTISPEC yaml file to fill the TEMPLATE file

--multispec-selector MULTISPEC_SELECTOR

Selectors for the multispec file

--spec SPEC

Use SPEC yaml file to fill the TEMPLATE file

--output OUTPUT

Write result to OUTPUT file instead of stdout

--macros-from PROJECTDIR

Load variables from PROJECTDIR

--container CONTAINER_TYPE

Container type, e.g. 'docker'

--macro MACRO

Define distgen's macro

--max-passes PASSES

Maximum number of rendering passes, defaults to 32

--template TEMPLATE

Use TEMPLATE file, e.g. docker.tpl or a template string, e.g. "{{ config.docker.from }}"


Print available multispec combinations


distgen was written by Pavel Raiskup (see AUTHORS) <praiskup@redhat.com>.


The latest version of distgen may be downloaded from https://github.com/devexp-db/distgen