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dfu-suffix - Man Page

add, check, or remove DFU firmware file suffix


dfu-suffix [options] --add DFU_FILE

dfu-suffix --check DFU_FILE

dfu-suffix --delete DFU_FILE

dfu-suffix --help

dfu-suffix --version


The program dfu-suffix can be used to add, check or remove a DFU firmware file suffix, recommended for safely matching a firmware file and device.

Note that a suffix is recommended by the DFU standard, but not required. A DFU host tool like dfu-util will recognize the suffix and use it to check that the device is matching, but not transfer the suffix to the device.


-v,  --vid vendorID

Specify USB vendor ID (hexadecimal)

-p,  --pid productID

Specify USB product ID (hexadecimal)

-d,  --did deviceID

Specify USB device ID (hexadecimal)

-S,  --spec version

Specify DFU specification version (hexadecimal)

-h,  --help

Displays a help message.

-V,  --version

Displays the software version.


dfu-suffix --vid 0123 --add firmware.dfu

Adds a suffix matching vendor 0x0123 and product ID 0x4567. Since product and device ID are not specified, they will contain the wildcard value 0xFFFF.

dfu-suffix --check firmware.dfu

Checks the file firmware.dfu for a valid DFU suffix

dfu-suffix --delete firmware.dfu

Removes a valid DFU suffix from the file firmware.dfu

Exit Values


Success (also if suffix is missing)


Usage error


dfu-suffix can not tell a broken DFU suffix (e.g. checksum mismatch) from a non-existing suffix, so only a valid suffix can be removed.



See Also

dfu-prefix(1), dfu-util(1)


See AUTHORS file in source.

Referenced By


September 2021 dfu-util 0.11