dfu-prefix - Man Page

add, check, or remove special firmware file prefix


dfu-prefix [ -s address | -L ] --add DFU_FILE

dfu-prefix [ -T | -L ] --check DFU_FILE

dfu-prefix [ -T | -L ] --delete DFU_FILE

dfu-prefix --help

dfu-prefix --version


The program dfu-prefix can be used to add, check or remove a prefix used by certain hardware manufacturers. The Stellaris format from TI and the LPC format from NXP is supported.

Note that a standard DFU firmware file has no concept of a prefix, and a DFU host tool like dfu-util passes the prefix on to the device as part of the normal firmware payload.


-s,  --stellaris-address address

(in combination with --add) Add TI Stellaris address prefix to file

-T,  --stellaris

(in combination with --delete or --check) Act on TI Stellaris address prefix of file

-L,  --lpc-prefix

(in combination with --add or --delete or --check) Use NXP LPC DFU prefix format

-h,  --help

Displays a help message.

-V,  --version

Displays the software version.


dfu-prefix --stellaris-address 0x0100 --add firmware.dfu

Adds a Stellaris prefix with load address 0x0100

dfu-prefix --stellaris --check firmware.dfu

Checks the file firmware.dfu for a Stellaris prefix

dfu-prefix --lpc-prefix --delete firmware.dfu

Removes a LPC prefix from the file firmware.dfu

Exit Values


Success (also if prefix is missing)


Usage error



See Also

dfu-suffix(1), dfu-util(1)


See AUTHORS file in source.

Referenced By


September 2021 dfu-util 0.11