dfish man page

dfish — Daniel's file selection hack


dfish path command [ glob_mask ]


dfish is a generic front-end for selecting files.  Running dfish will give you a menu with all the files in the specified directory path, which satisfy the glob_mask. When you double-click a file, the specified command will be run. The "refresh" button reloads the directory contents. When glob_mask is omitted, it defaults to '*': all files.


The first parameter is the directory to open, the second is the command, which should be run on the files. The optional third parameter is the shell glob, which can filter the file list, so only the files satisfying the shell pathname expansion expression (for example "*.jpg" means all JPG images) are shown.


dfish /home/user/my_backgrounds "fbsetbg -f" '*.jpg'

will display all the JPG images in the directory /home/user/my_backrounds, double-clicking any image will set it as a desktop background, because that's what the "fbsetbg" command do.

See Also

tcl(1), tk(1)


Written by Daniel Novotný <dnovotny@redhat.com>.


08 Feb 2010