deluged - Man Page

A BitTorrent client daemon

Examples (TL;DR)


deluged [options]


Deluge utilizes a client/server model, with deluged being the daemon process and deluge being used to launch a user-interface.

By default deluged will run as a background daemon, use the -d option to run process in foreground.


Config Options

-c path--config=path

Set the config directory location.

Daemon Options

-p port--port=port

Port daemon will listen on, default is 58846

-i ip_address--interface=ip_address

Interface daemon will listen for bittorrent connections on, this should be an IP address

-u ip_address--ui-interface=ip_address

Interface daemon will listen for UI connections on, this should be an IP address

Logging Options

-l file--logfile=file

Output to specified logfile instead of stdout

-L loglevel--loglevel=loglevel

Set the log level (default is error): none, info, warning, error, debug


Sets the log level to none, same as -L none


Enable logfile rotation, with optional maximum logfile size, default: 2M (Logfile rotation count is 5)


Profile with cProfile. Outputs to stdout unless a filename is specified

Process Control Options

-P file--pidfile=file

Pidfile to store the process id


Do not daemonize (fork) this process


Change to this user on startup (Requires root)


Change to this group on startup (Requires root)

Help Options


Show program's version number and exit.


Show help message and exit.

See Also

deluge(1), deluge-web(1), deluge-console(1)


Deluge Team:

Referenced By

deluge(1), deluge-console(1), deluge-gtk(1), deluge-web(1).