deluge-web man page

deluge-web — a bittorrent client ajax web interface


deluge-web [options]


Deluge utilizes a client/server model, with 'deluged' being the daemon process and 'deluge-web' being used to launch an ajax web based user-interface.

The default password is 'deluge'.


General Options

-c path--config=path

Set the config directory location.

Web Options

-b path--base=path

Set the base path that the web ui is running on (proxying)

-f, --fork

Fork the web interface process into the background

-i ip_address--interface=ip_address

Binds the webserver to a specific IP address

-p port--port=port

Sets the port to be used for the webserver


Profile the webserver code


Forces the webserver to disable ssl


Forces the webserver to use ssl

Logging Options

-l file--logfile=file

Output to designated logfile instead of stdout

-L loglevel--loglevel=loglevel

Set the log level (default is error): none, info, warning, error, critical, debug

-q, --quiet

Sets the log level to 'none', same as `-L none`

Help Options

-v, --version

Show program's version number and exit.

-h, --help

Show help message and exit.

See Also

deluge(1), deluged(1), deluge-console(1)


Deluge Team:

Referenced By

deluge(1), deluge-console(1), deluged(1), deluge-gtk(1).

May 2017 1.3.15