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debugedit - Man Page

debug source path manipulation tool


debugedit [OPTION...] FILE


-b,  --base-dir=STRING

base build directory of objects

-d,  --dest-dir=STRING

directory to rewrite base-dir into

-l,  --list-file=STRING

file where to put list of source and header file names

-i,  --build-id

recompute build ID note and print ID on stdout

-s,  --build-id-seed=STRING

if recomputing the build ID note use this string as hash seed

-n,  --no-recompute-build-id

do not recompute build ID note even when-i or -s are given

Help options

-?,  --help

Show this help message

-u,  --usage

Display brief usage message

-V,  --version

Show debugedit version


May 2024 debugedit 5.0