deb-why-removed - Man Page

shows the reason a package was removed from the archive


deb-why-removed [option...] package...


This program will download the removals metadata from the archive, search and print the entries within for a source or binary package name match.


-u,  --url URL

URL to the archive removals deb822-formatted file list. This can be either an actual URL (https://, http://, file://), an pathname or an origin name. Currently the only origin name known is debian.


Do not refresh the cached removals file even if there is a newer version in the archive.

-h,  -?,  --help

Show a help message and exit.


Show the program version.



This directory contains the cached removal files downloaded from the archive. cachedir will be either $XDG_CACHE_HOME or if that is not defined $HOME/.cache/.

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2024-01-24 Debian Utilities