dc1394_vloopback - Man Page

send format0 video to V4L vloopback device


dc1394_vloopback [--daemon] [--pipe] [--guid=camera-euid] [--video1394=/dev/video1394/x] [--vloopback=/dev/video0] [--palette=yuv422|rgb24] [--width=n] [--height=n]


Sends format0 640x480 RGB to the vloopback input device so that it can be consumed by V4L applications on the vloopback output device.



run as a daemon, detached from console (optional).


write images to vloopback device instead of using zero-copy mmap mode (optional).


select camera to use (optional). default is first camera on any port.


specifies video1394 device to use (optional). default is /dev/video1394/<port#>.


specifies video4linux device to use (optional). default is to determine this automatically.


specify the video palette to use (optional). yuv422 (default) or rgb24.


set the initial width (default=640)


set the initial height (default=480)


print help message


This program is maintained by the DC1394 Package Mainteners' team <libdc1394-packaging@lists.sourceforge.net>.

The bugs related to libdc1394 and current packaging can be submitted here:


For bugs related to library implementation, please submit to libdc1394 developers: <libdc1394-dev@lists.sourceforge.net>.


This manual page was originally written by Peter De Schrijver <p2@debian.org> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

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February 2008