dbus-test-runner-19.04.0 - Man Page

manual page for dbus-test-runner 19.04.0



dbus-test-runner [OPTION?] - run multiple tasks under an independent DBus session bus

Help Options

-h,  --help

Show help options


Show all help options


Options that are used to control how the task is handled by the test runner.

Task control options

-t,  --task=executable

Defines a new task to run under our private DBus session.

-n,  --task-name=name

A string to label output from the previously defined task.  Defaults to taskN.


Configures which bus the task expects to connect to. Default: both

-r,  --ignore-return

Do not use the return value of the task to calculate whether the test passes or fails.

-i,  --invert-return

Invert the return value of the task before calculating whether the test passes or fails.

-p,  --parameter

Add a parameter to the call of this utility.  May be called as many times as you'd like.

-f,  --wait-for=dbus-name

A dbus-name that should appear on the bus before this task is started

-c,  --wait-until-complete

Signal that we should wait until this task exits even if we don't need the return value

Application Options


Path to the DBus deamon to use.  Defaults to 'dbus-daemon'.

-d,  --dbus-config=config_file

Configuration file for newly created DBus server.  Defaults to '/usr/share/dbus-test-runner/session.conf'.


Path to the Bustle DBus Monitor to use.  Defaults to 'bustle-dbus-monitor'.

-b,  --bustle-data=data_file

A file to write out data from the bustle logger to.

-m,  --max-wait=seconds

The maximum amount of time the test runner will wait for the test to complete.  Default is 30 seconds.


Whether to propagate the execution environment to the dbus-server and all the services activated by it.  By default the environment is cleared.


Configures which buses are represented by the tool to the tasks. Default: session


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