dbus-broker-launch man page

dbus-broker-launch — dbus-daemon(1) compatible wrapper around dbus-broker(1)


dbus-broker-launch --help

dbus-broker-launch --version

dbus-broker-launch [ Options ]


dbus-broker-launch provides a drop-in replacement for the functionality of dbus-daemon(1). It installs a listening socket, or takes one passed in, and it parses the relevant configuration files. It forks off and controlls an instance of dbus-broker(1), which implements the actual message bus.


-v, --verbose

print extra debug output

--listen PATH

install a listening socket at PATH

-f, --force

overwrite any existing listening socket

--scope SCOPE

the scope of the message bus, one of system or user

See Also

dbus-daemon(1) dbus-broker(1)

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