dbicadmin - Man Page

utility for administrating DBIx::Class schemata


dbicadmin: [-I] [long options...]

  deploy a schema to a database
  dbicadmin --schema=MyApp::Schema \
    --connect='["dbi:SQLite:my.db", "", ""]' \

  update an existing record
  dbicadmin --schema=MyApp::Schema --class=Employee \
    --connect='["dbi:SQLite:my.db", "", ""]' \
    --op=update --set='{ "name": "New_Employee" }'




Create version diffs needs preversion


Upgrade the database to the current schema


Install the schema version tables to an existing database


Deploy the schema to the database


Select data from the schema


Insert data into the schema


Update data in the schema


Delete data from the schema


compatibility option all of the above can be supplied as --op=<action>


display this help


--config-file or --config

Supply the config file for parsing by Config::Any


Supply the connect info as trailing options e.g. --connect-info dsn=<dsn> user=<user> password=<pass>


Supply the connect info as a JSON-encoded structure, e.g. an --connect=["dsn","user","pass"]


The class of the schema to load


Where in the config to find the connection_info, supply in form MyApp::Model::DB

--resultset or --resultset-class or --class

The resultset to operate on for data manipulation


The directory where sql diffs will be created


The RDBMs flavour you wish to use


Supply a version install


The previous version to diff against


JSON data used to perform data operations


JSON string to be used for the second argument for search


JSON string to be used for the where clause of search


Be forceful with some operations


Turn on DBIx::Class trace output


Be less verbose


Same as perl's -I, prepended to current @INC


See "AUTHORS" in DBIx::Class


You may distribute this code under the same terms as Perl itself


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